Library Clubs

The Library runs two clubs:

the Book Club and the Activities Club.

The Book Club runs on Tuesday lunchtime and is called ‘Talking Text’. Anyone in S1 or S2 is welcome to attend. Some of the things we have done in the past is having a member of staff talk about their favourite book, visit to an author session, designing book marks, shadowing the Grampian Children’s Book Award, play reading, choosing poetry for National Poetry Day, etc.

The activities club runs on Friday lunchtime. You need to put your name down for it as there are limited spaces. A block of 6 weeks registration takes place at a time. Anyone who turns up less than once in the 6 weeks forfeits their place. There is an extremely long waiting list. A number of different games are available to play in the Activities Club ranging from Chess, Draughts and Scrabble to Mastermind, Beat the Safe and the Da Vinci Code. Not all games are put out every week.

Other activities.

The Library has also run trips to films particularly based on popular books in the Library. Keep an eye on the bulletin for information about these.