Dates may change due to weather etc. Check bulletin and noticeboards to see which teams are home or away, due to the lack of of pitches compared to teams. To see the tables click on .

4th September v Keith Grammar (Away) 
13's 1 v 4

15's  3v4                                                                                                   

8th Sept v Speyside High (Away) 
13's 2 v 9

15's 1 v 3

11th September v Banff Academy (Home)
13's 1v4

14's 4v3           

15's 2v4

15th September v Milnes (Home)
14's 7 v 1

15's 6v2

18th September v Elgin Academy (Home)
13's1 v 14

14's 4 v 5    

15's 2 v2 (League)      3v2     (Cup)                                                                                  

25th September v Buckie High(Away)  
13's 0 v 20


 15's 8 v 1       

29th September v Keith Grammar (League and Cup)                                                        

 13's  4v7    

15's 3v2                                                                                                         

2nd October v Forres High(Home)

30th October  v Wick Academy (Away)  Scottish Cup                                                                    
14's 4v0

6th November Keith Grammar(Home)
14's  and 15's only                           

13th November v  Speyside High(Home) 
13's  and 15's                                

20th November v Free Weekend

27th November v Elgin High(Home)

15th Jan v Elgin Academy (Away) 
All teams

22nd Jan v Banff Academy (Away)
All teams

29th January v Milnes High (Away)
All teams

5th Feb v Forres Academy (Away)
All teams

12th Feb v North Of Scotland Quarter Finals

9th February v Elgin High(Away)
13's, 14's  and 15's                                

26th February  v Buckie (Home)
All teams

12th March North of Scotland Semi-Finals