Mrs Linda Brown (Rector)

Welcome to Lossiemouth High website. Lossiemouth High is situated in the costal town that serves the town and surrounding areas. We have approx 700 pupils including pupils connected to our local RAF Lossiemouth Base.

Lossiemouth High is a community school and we are very proud of our links with a wide range of local partner agencies. Our school values of Excellence, Teamwork, Humour and Respect were developed through our School of Ambition project that finished in 2010. Our very successful project focussed on transformational leadership at all levels in the school and community

A series of lessons on the school values is delivered to all S1 pupils to help pupils understand and embrace the ethos of the school.

It is a privilege to lead the school and to be supported by such able and enthusiastic colleagues and young people and their families. Teamwork is one of the major strengths of the school and I am very lucky to be part of such hardworking and dedicated Senior Leadership and staff teams. I hope the website is able to give you a small flavour of what we do.

Each member of the SMT is linked to one of the three houses, Kinneddar, Pitgaveny and Spynie and works very closely with one member of our excellent Guidance Team; Mrs Susan Green, Mrs Melanie Reed and Mrs Debbie Russell.

Mrs R McGhee

Mrs Rosemary McGhee, our Support for Pupils Depute, is a wonderful example of the spirit which drives Lossiemouth High School. Her loyalty and dedication to the development of the Columba 1400 programme is an example of leadership which is recognised nationally. She is also responsible for S1/S2 pupils and liaising with our four primary schools, she very effectively manages the transition process from P7 – S1 so that all new pupils feel at home and settle in very quickly.

Mr R Drysdale

Mr Robert Drysdale, Curriculum and Attainment Depute leads the timetabling team including himself, Ms Tracy Young and Mr Brian Chalmers. Together they make a very effective team, each bringing individual strengths and skills to the difficult task of creating a timetable that suits the needs of all our young people. Mr Drysdale is also our in-house expert on all SQA matters and examination arrangements. The pupil mentoring programme set up by Mr Drysdale has enabled many young people and their families to set their sights on success, higher attainment and the achievement of ambitious personal goals.

Mr D Carthew

Mr Donnie Carthew is our Behaviour Depute, a role which was created around his skills of communication and good relationships with young people who experience difficulties and challenges of one kind or another. He manages the Behaviour Management Team, deploying staff in response to new situations or long term plans for improvement. He works very closely with many outside agencies and organisations and spends long hours championing pupils in order to provide the correct solutions for their needs. His passion for supporting young people often demands many extra hours at weekends and evenings so that they can perform or compete in activities which greatly enrich the learning experience at LHS.