Parents are our partners in the educational process and are encouraged to participate fully in the planning and decision making for their child. Annual review meetings allow parents and teachers to plan together and often allays many of the worries or concerns parents may have at times of transition.


Support for Learning Staff aim to help pupils overcome their barriers to learning and access as much of the mainstream curriculum as possible.  Adjustments to subject materials can be made to enable pupils to participate fully in as many curricular areas as is appropriate and SfL staff have a very good working relationship with subject specialists in order to produce the best materials possible.  Some pupils spend a small portion of their week in the SfL Department to improve their Literacy and Numeracy skills.  A small number of pupils spend more time in this department working on an elaborated curriculum tailored to their needs.

Courses in the SfL Department

We offer a range of National 1 and 2  Courses and Units matched to pupils’ abilities and needs. 

* Food, Health and Wellbeing
* Participating in Leisure Time Activities
* Life in Another Country-Italy
* Participating in an Enterprise Activity-Jewellery Making
* English
* Swimming Pool Activities
*Recognising Time
*Work Experience
* Independent Travel
*Building Positive Relationships
* Music Listening and Performing

Many of our units and courses are practical in nature and involve learning out of the classroom.  Pupils have been successful in gaining the John Muir Award and have participated in activities led by Outfit Moray and Wild Things Instructors.  We have a long standing relationship with the Riding for the Disabled Group at Cranloch Riding Centre and a small number of our pupils enjoy a ten week block of lessons every session.

We enjoy a good relationship with the Active Schools Team and have been involved in activities and sports, such as Boccia and Tandem Cycling, to which we have been introduced by Cameron Steel our Active Schools Coordinator.

The department is open from 1:15pm till 1:4pm daily and staff and Mrs Steel and the auxiliaries are available to help pupils with homework or for access to a computer for redrafting work.  All pupils are encouraged to speak to any member of the SfL team if they are experiencing any difficulties with their learning.