Support for Learning Department

"Working Together"

SFL staff aim to support pupils and teachers in mainstream classes as much as possible. A small number of pupils spend varying amounts of time in the SFL department, working in a small group or one to one with a member of staff.

Our purpose built Support for Learning Department and Pupil Support facility enables youngsters with additional support needs to be taught in the same school and alongside their peers. Some senior pupils volunteer to work with younger pupils in the Support for Learning Department and this has had a positive effect on all pupils throughout the school. Our team of Auxiliaries provide help for pupils in mainstream classes and in the SFL department.

The team of SFL Auxiliaries were awarded the Chief Executive's Award for Excellence in 2013 in recognition of their service to young people in Lossiemouth High.


Mrs Margaret D. Steel   Principal Teacher (Music and SfL)

Mrs Patricia Munro       (Home Economics and SfL)

Mrs Alison Beacham    (Primary Education, Maths and SfL)

Mrs Colette O’Neill       (Geography and SfL part time)

Mrs Morag MacLeod      (SfL and Computing)


Visiting Specialists

Mrs Jenny Piper  Sensory Impairment Service

Mrs Kirsty McIntosh Educational Psychologist

Support for Learning Auxiliaries

Mrs Gina O’Shane

Mrs Claire Musgrave

Mr Iain Roberts

Mrs Sarah Thomson

Mrs Lesley Ann Potter

Mrs Gill Denoon

Mrs Sheila Henderson

Ms Linda Wood

Miss Anne Scotland

Mrs Natasha Douglas

Mrs Tracey Picksley

Mrs Beth Fullerton