Science S1 and S2


All S1 and S2 pupils undertake 4 Science lessons per week, taught by the Biology, Chemistry and Physics specialists within the school. Subjects covered are:

  • S1 Introduction to Science
  • S1 Model of Matter
  • S1 Elements, compounds and chemical reactions
  • S1 Life
  • S1 Cells
  • S1 Thermal energy and sustanability
  • S1 Space and Forces
  • S2 Let's get Electricical
  • S2 Visible and Invisible Radiation
  • S2 Neutralisation and Fertilisers
  • S2 Earths materials
  • S2 DNA and Enzymes
  • S2 Biotechnology

These topics give pupils a firm idea of where their interests lie within the three science subjects prior to choosing their S3 courses.


The most important Homework a learner can do is to regularly spend some time reading over notes to help consolidate the work done in class. In particular, in science it is important that learners work on learning the correct vocabulary (vocabulary lists for each S1/2 Unit are provided on this site).

Learners will also be asked to attempt revision and consolidation questions at regular intervals.

It is also important that learners develop their literacy and numeracy skills, including:

  • Reading for understanding
  • Plotting graphs
  • Calculating averages and percentages
  • Converting units
  • Fair testing in experiements
  • Researching and presenting information on topical science.


The more responsibility the Learner takes for work done outside the classroom, the more useful and more effective that work is likely to be.


Assessment is important and each unit is assessed with and end of topic test, to identify and track learners progress. Learners should be revising regulary during each unit - managable chunks once a week produces better results.