Physics is the science of energy and energy conversions – movement; electricity; waves - from the nucleus of the atom to the vast expanse of the universe.

Physics is the science behind much of modern technology – the fact that you are reading this now on a computer monitor is in large part due to the work of physicists.


Mrs Baird (PT)

Mr Byrne

Broad General Education (S1-S3):


You will follow a general science course covering aspects of all science disciplines. This is delivered by the Physics, Chemistry and Biology departments in co-operation. 

You will study four physics topics over these two years and they are:

  • Thermal Energy & Sustainability
  • Forces & Space travel
  • Electricity
  • Visible & Invisible Radiation


As part of the CfE BGE (Curriculum for Excellence Broad General Education) pupils can study Introduction to Science or Physics or Combined Science in their third year.

Pupils studying theses course may choose to continue studying National 4 or National 5 physics in S4.

In S3 physics you will develop their understanding and skills through the topics like “The physics of festivals”.  This will involve learning about fundamental physics through relevant applications within the context of music festivals and the corresponding engineering roles. 

Senior Phase (S4-6)

Students studying Physics will spend four to five periods per week in class.  There are four levels of study available in the senior phase which are National 3/4, national 5, higher and advanced higher.  The journey you take within the department will vary depending on your learning needs and attainment. 


Students who have passed Higher Physics may opt to study Advanced Higher in S6.




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