S1 spend 1 period a week in Music

All pupils learn basic performing skills in guitar and keyboard. Inventing (making up their own music) and learning how to write this down. Group Performing in guitar, Bass guitar, keyboard, drum-kit and tuned percussion. Pupils also listen to a wide variety of styles of music and to each other. All learning outcomes are covered through the BGE with the emphasis on Performing.

S2 spend 2 periods a week in Music

 All pupils have the opportunity to further develop and build on the skills covered in S1. Pupils choose 2 instruments to perform on an individual basis in preparation for S3. ( Nat 4 and 5 )S1 spend 1 period a week in Music

S3 spend 2 periods a week in Music

This course is centred around Performing

S4 spend 4 periods a week in Music

The courses are Nat.4 and Nat.5

Performing on 2 instruments 
Understanding Music

S5/6 spend 5 periods a week in Music             

The courses are: Higher/Advanced Higher or Performing only unit
Performing on 2 instruments 
Understanding Music

Instrumental Lessons

Pupils who receive Instrumental lessons in Primary school will continue with these in High School. In addition to this all S1 pupils are given a Listening test and are selected for Instrumental lessons. This depends on their choice of instrument and demand for lessons. There is a charge for lessons. Instruments covered are violin, woodwind, brass, percussion and guitar. Pupils come out of classes on a rotating timetable.


Concerts take place every Christmas and Easter. 


All rehersals take place at 1:15

Monday Senior choir room 10

Tuesday Junior choir room 8

Wednesday Orchestra room 10


Fiddle group room 10

Woodwind group room 8

Help with revision:

Listening Online Revision, tests and exam questions

After school sessions every Wednesday

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