BGE -  Cfe S1 French

            Cfe S2 French

            Cfe S3 French, Spanish

S4-S6  National 4, National 5 , Higher and Advanced Higher courses in French and Spanish.

Help with Revision

Lots of websites
Homework packs (listening practice CDs)
Lunchtime clubs

One Drive (Glow), Linguascope, Bright Red books.



Extra-curricular activities

  • Students taken for a language day in Elgin.
  • S2 language event in Elgin.
  • Hosting of French assistants.
  • Bonjour Fit like European trip round Europe
  • German exchange visits
  • Spanish pen pals
  • French Language project in Gaborone, Botswana”

Materials used

  • show me boards
  • kinaesthetic materials (memory games/sentence cards)
  • puzzles/jigsaws
  • pet mascot in Miss Munso's class to help to revise the “speaking plan”
  • CDs
  • Smartboard
  • YouTube
  • websites/laptops
  • games to revise vocabulary
  • visualiser
  • AIFL and ICT critical skills challenges
  • interactive whiteboard software for all three languages