Lossiemouth High School Library

The library has about 7,000 books most of which can be borrowed. Encylopedias, atlases, dictionaries, etc are available for Reference. A few newspapers and magazines are taken and can be read in the Library. There are also some DVDs to borrow. Careers materials and prospectuses can be accessed and there is a separate computer suite where computers can be booked for individual use if a class is not using them.

Using the Library

We do not use tickets – you just need to give your surname to the Librarian or Library prefect on the desk to take a book out. Books are normally borrowed for a three week period; DVDs only overnight and careers material for one week only. Sometimes when we are shadowing a book award the books being used may only be taken for a week. 

If you have finished with your book you can return it early. If you wish to keep it, please renew it. This is only possible if no-one else has requested the book.