ICT Deprtment

The ICT department incorporates ICT, Business and Computing. The aim is to give pupils a sound understanding in the concepts of ICT, Computing and Business, with skills being developed for lifelong learning. The skills learnt should set them up for the 21st century ranging from basic organisation, business structures and types to video editing and animation.

S1 & 2

The S1 and 2 year groups are seen once a week, they experience a wide range of topics and the course is designed to embed skills acquired from primary school and develop them further.  ICT skills are seen as essential for achieving across the school and for lifelong learning as we move into a more ICT challenging society.

The topics covered in S1 and 2 are:

File organisation

Search techniques

General PowerPoint and Microsoft Office applications

Video editing

Graphic creation and manipulation

Stopframe and Keyframe Animation

Website creation

Computer Games Development

Desktop publishing

S3 Course Choices

The S3 courses offered are designed to enhance and build on learning from S1 and 2 and to develop a good understanding of basic concepts that can be used in the senior years for certificated classes while also teaching transferable skills for life.

Computing Science & Game Development (S3)

ICT and computers are integral to the modern economy of Scotland. Scotland hosts some of the most successful game development and computer skilled companies in the world such as Rockstar North (Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings), Hunted Cow Studios in Elgin, ATOS in Forres and Cap Gemini in Inverness. Skills in this area are essential for lifelong learning and employers are constantly on the lookout for employees.

A career in ICT, Computer Science or Computer Games Development is more varied than most people recognise and this course provides pupils with practical skills of the kind that are highly valued by employers, ranging from project management to programming skills.

Business and ICT (S3)

There can be few careers where knowledge of Business and IT would not be useful. Michelle Mone, Duncan Bannatyne, Anita Roddick (founder of the Body Shop) and Beyonce Knowles all have some business knowledge, not forgetting Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) and of course Lord Sugar.

A career in business is more varied than most people recognise and this course will provide pupils with practical skills of the kind that are highly valued by employers.  Many business sectors, including retail, hospitality, IT, manufacturing, education and not-for-profit businesses all need people with strong business acumen.

Senior Years

A variety of courses are offered in the senior years all leading to SQA recognised qualifications. Pupils studying Nat 3, 4 or 5 will attend 4 classes per week, while pupils studying Higher will attend the department 5 hours per week.  It is recommended that each certificated course requires at least 3 hours of additional study at home - doing homework set by the department, creating summary notes or revising with past papers.


Senior Years (S4 S5 S6)

Business Education

NQ Business Management - a comprehensive course in the management of business covering topics such as Decision-Making, Finance, Marketing, IT in Business and Operations.

Levels Offered

National 4 Business                                                         Internal Assessment

National 5 Business Management                            40% Coursework 60% Final Exam (1hr 30)

Higher Business Management                                  40% Coursework 60% Final Exam (2hr 15)

Administration and IT

Administration – The course looks at the modern workplace and techniques that are essential for working.  From using a range of Office Applications such a Word Processing to make professional documents, Spreadsheets and Databases to storage and manage information, electronic Calendars and desktop publishing for posters, leaflets and other documents.  Other aspects covered are online legislation, travel requirements and event organisation and management.

Levels Offered

National 3 Administration and IT    Internal Assessment

National 4 Administration and IT   Internal Assessment

National 5 Administration and IT      100% Coursework assessed by the SQA

Computing Science

Computing Science offers a balanced look at computer science with hardware, software and Information Systems (database development and websites).  It is focused on practical tasks underpinned by theory.  The course requires a good level of logic and exposure to a variety of developing environments.

Levels Offered:

National 4 Computer Science                                      Internal Assessment

National 5 Computer Science                                      40% Coursework 60% Final Exam (1hr 30)

Higher Computer Science                                            40% Coursework 60% Final Exam (2hrs)

NPA level 4 and 5 - Computer Games Development

A practical course that breaks computer games down to their fundamental elements. The pupils need to demonstrate skills in all areas from story and character development, graphic manipulation and programming of games. The course is a pass/fail, and develops a variety of skills from organisation and time planning to evaluating work once complete.

Course is 100% assessed on Coursework

NPA level 5 Website Design

A practical course that allows the pupil to experiment with their creativity and programming skills as a variety of web sites and assets for sites are created. The course offers a variety of skills from organisation and time planning to evaluating work once complete. It is run as if the pupils are a web developer working for a client.

Course is 100% assessed on Coursework

Help with Revision:

Pupils are encouraged to drop into the department any lunchtime if help is required with their work.  As exams draw closer twilight revision classes are usually offered as well.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Occasionally there is the opportunity for students to visit local businesses.

Homework Policy


1 piece of homework per topic (around 6-8 weeks)

Printed hand out and available online

Marked and recorded into spreadsheet as a mark and if return


1-2 pieces of homework per topic

Printed out and available online

Completion of practical tasks for subjects that require it


A combination of reading, note taking and summary notes/questions as weekly tasks

Available online

Exam style questions to consolidate knowledge

Completion of practical tasks for subjects that require it