S1           1 period per week

S2           As for S1

S3           3 periods per week

S4           5 periods per week

S5           6 periods per week

S6           For AH – arranged as required but usually 2 periods


All S1 pupils study a unit of work called ‘Scotland’s Journey’ during which they cover topics as diverse as plate tectonics, why the weather is so different in the west of Scotland, the geology of Scotland and how the shape of our land makes us farm in particular ways.

S2 pupils continue with ‘Scotland’s Journey’ but additional opportunities to study Japan, Pompeii and Maps and Mapping are also offered.

S3 is largely a fieldwork based year where skills such as data gathering and the processing of data are studied.  Contrasting environments of coastal sand dunes and urban studies in Elgin allow variety and skills development.  Traditional geography units such as population studies are covered to give a flavour of course work in S4.

S4 pupils are offered SQA courses at National 4 and 5.

S5 pupils will progress on to the Higher course if N5 taken in S4.  Other S5 pupils take N5 depending on their individual course progression from S4.

S6 pupils are offered N5 and Higher or, if they have taken Higher in S5, they can progress to take Advanced Higher.  Many S6 pupils return to Higher after a break to ‘crash’ the subject, often leading to very successful outcomes.


M. Lister


Help with Revision:


Residential fieldwork to complete NAB1 of AH course
Residential fieldwork to teach field methods and analysis 


Residential fieldwork and revision weekend prior to exams Lunchtime revision and tutorial sessions
Revision booklets and guides Past exam questions with exemplar answers
Class discussion on best practice for exam technique
Peer assessment of past questions
Thinking skills questions
CD of revision notes, PowerPoint presentations and web sites 


Lunchtime tutorials
Lunchtime revision
Past exam questions and exemplar answers
Class discussion on best practice for exam technique
CD of SG revision materials, photos and powerpoints
Revision guides and lists of main topics/concepts 

All Classes

Extensive use of websites for classwork and revision.