Mrs Stephen's Class

Scottish Texts for N5

Please remember to do some research into the Scottish texts we could study next year. We will be taking a vote on Wednesday 11th May.

A reminder of the texts are:

Poetry -  Normain MacCaig or Jackie Kay (look at BBC Bitesize for info on specifIc poems)

Prose - Kidnapped by RL Stevenson or The Conegatherers by Robin Jenkins

Drama - Bold Girls by Rona Munro or Tally's Blood by Ann Marie de Mambro


For Thursday 12th May -  Identify the main points made by Barbara Ellen in the article 'The overweight deserve our help, not sneers or malice'. For each main point you should also identify two supporting details.

File icon: docx detailed plan disc [docx 18KB] Click to download
File icon: docx The overweight deserve help [docx 17KB] Click to download