S1&2 English

Course Overview

Pupils in S1&2 come to English 4 periods a week as part of their Broad General Educatkon wi4hin Curriculum for Excellence.

"When your child comes to us in S1, we seek to build on and consolidate the literacy skills developed in primary. We encourage pupils to recognise they are using their literacy skills throughout the school and need to transfer what they have learnt across subjects and contexts.

In English, we aim to enhance pupils’ appreciation of language and literature, encouraging them to question writer’s choices and intentions and voice their own opinions on issues. Consequently, discussion forms a large part of what we do.

Pupils are exposed to a wide range of texts including drama, poetry, prose, media and non-fiction throughout their English career and are regularly invited to create their own texts such as short stories, accounts of personal experiences, letters or reports." extract from P7 Parents' Leaflet

Please look at the leaflet for P7 parents for more detail on how the curriclulum is organised and examples of texts that may be studied. This leaflet also explains the English, Literacy and Media pathways available to pupils as they progress throguh the school.



Pupils get regular homework in S1&2. Please see the document below for details of the amount and type you can expect your child to receive in the fisrt two years.

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