Higher English

Course Overview

Pupils study a range of literature, exploring aspects such as character, theme and setting and langauge inm both ficiton and non-fiction texts. A good understanding of the techniques writers use is needed in order to understand as well as anlayse and evaluate the effectiveness of a particualr text.   Pupils also have the opportunity to create their own texts during this course, using what they have learned from studying other writers to improve the quality of their own writing.


At  Higher level, candiates have to complete two units  - Creation & Production and Analysis & Evaluation - which are internally assessed, as well as sitting an external external exam consisting of a close reading paper and a critical reading paper. A portfolio of writing is worth 30% of the final award.

For more details on the nature of the assessments and the SQAs assessment standards, please read the course materials booklet for the appropriate level.

Progression Pathways

 We would love to offer Advanced Higher for those who have been successful at Higher, however this is a demand-led course.

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