English and Media

Pupils spend at least four periods in the English department per week, studying aspects of Language and Literature. They will have the opportunity to explore a variety of texts, contexts and themes and invovle themself in a range of reading, writing, listening and talking tasks. Currently film and media is taught within English in the Broad General Education, as well as being offered in the S1/2 rotation and S3 choices.


Curriculum for Excellence

Broad General Education: 

S1&2 English

S3 English

Senior Phase:

National 4 English

National 4 Media

National 5 English

National 5 Media

New Higher and Advanced Higher English

New Higher Media


Please browse the pages of the specific course to find out more about programmes of study and homework.


F. Stephen - Principal Teacher
L. Bhattarcharjee
C. Ross
J. MacKinnon




Homework and Revision:


All pupils in all years will have English homework every week. The amount and the nature of the homework will vary according to the year they are in and the course they are studying. 

Please refer to the Homework Programme document on the relevant year/course page for further details.


Additional Support

Here are some useful websites to help with homework and revision:

BBC Bitesize revision site

SQA site

Grammar Bytes


There are also study clubs which runs every week. Please see Mrs Stephen on the class teacher for details.

Please come along if you would like help with homework, class work or just somewhere quiet to work. 

Study support will also be offered at key points during the year for National 5,  and Higher candidates.