Lossiemouth High School has a wide and varied curriculum.

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Members of Staff:

Members of Staff
Head Teacher Mrs J Simpson
Depute Head Teachers Mr R Drysdale
  Mr D Carthew
Art & Design Ms F Shearer (Principal Teacher)
Biology Mrs A Paterson (Principal Teacher)
  Mr J Laurie
Chemistry Dr R Campbell (Principal Teacher)
  Mrs M Burns
English Mrs F Stephen (Principal Teacher)
  Ms L Bhattacharjee (also Media)
  Mrs J MacKinnon
  Mrs C Ross
Geography Mr M Lister (Principal Teacher)
Guidance Mr F Mackie (Acting Principal Teacher – Spynie)
  Mrs M Reed (Principal Teacher – Pitgaveny)
  Mrs D Russell (Principal Teacher – Kinneddar)
History Mrs N Mitchell (Principal Teacher)
Modern Studies Miss K Begbie (Principal Teacher)
  Miss A-M Bell (History & Modern Studies)
Home Economics Mrs A Thomson (Principal Teacher)
ICT & Business Education Mr H Stagg (Principal Teacher)
  Mrs C Griffiths
  Miss J Ogg
Mathematics Ms T Young (Principal Teacher)
  Ms M Annand
  Mrs C Atkins
  Mr T Hardwick
  Mrs S Wroe
  Mrs A Beacham (also Support for Learning)
Modern Languages Miss J Munso Vicens (Principal Teacher)
  Miss J O'Hara
Performing Arts Ms H Scott (Principal Teacher) - Drama
  Miss A Mulford - Music
Physical Education Mr D Bowcutt (Principal Teacher)
  Mr B Chambers
  Mrs J Clark
Physics Mrs J Baird (Principal Teacher)
  Mr G Byrne
Support for Learning Mrs P Parrot (Principal Teacher)
  Mrs A Beacham (also Mathematics)
  Mrs M MacLeod
  Mrs C O’Neill
Technical Education Vacancy (Principal Teacher)
  Mr B Chalmers