Visual elements periodic table

This site contains an interactive periodic table, click on the elements to find out more information about specific elements. 

Visual periodic table

How Stuff Works

Does exactly what it says in the address… information on how various scientific and technological things work.  It covers a wide range of topics from the atom to fuels and fertilizer. This site is a useful resource for completing homework assignments.

How stuff works


Revision Mind Maps

Mind maps for higher, SG and Int2 Chemistry. Mind maps are a way of developing a much deeper understanding of chemistry and are designed to help you recall more information, more quickly. This site requires software to be downloaded and a subscription charge. It is therefore recommended only for home use.


This site contains information suitable for standard grade about elements, atoms and the periodic table. The site allows you to test your understanding. Suitable for SG and Int 1 and 2


Homework High

An award winning site that allows students to explore a science library and submit questions to teachers.

Homework High