Evans2 chem web

Chemweb, the interactive student guide to all levels of chemistry in Scotland. On this site you will be able to access revision material, exercises, tests and homework students results are e-mailed to the pupils teacher. All pupils in Nat 4/5 or higher chemistry have the user name and password.


BBC Bite size

Brush up on your skills! The site provides lots of information for Nat 4/5 and higher chemistry students. The site provides notes and quizzes. Also includes “Ask a teacher page”.




Use Scholar to ease the pain of revision! Diagrams and animations help to clarify difficult concepts. Take advantage of the numerous quizzes and tests to revise. This site is for higher students, it provides notes and interactive tests. Students require a password which they can get from their teacher. Scholar also provide online video tutorials, pupils should try the worksheet in advance then loggon to the webcast as a tutor explains the answers (all webcasts are recorded and can be watched back again later).



Full notes for the entire Higher Chemistry course available to download. The site also provides additional files, including sample PPA results, questions with answers, and a full glossary, as well as many more interactive features. To help you learn the basic facts, definitions for dozens of concepts covered in the course are provided. Requires Adobe Reader.


Royal Society of Chemistry Student zone

This site contains information on careers in chemistry and choosing a chemistry degree is also available. The site also contains chemistry games, events and an exam doctor.

RSC Student Zone

Doc Brown Chemistry

Doc Browns revison materials for GCSE and A level chemisty also sutible for Nat 5 Higher and Advanced Higher.