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Revision resources and tutorials for Chemistry in Scotland, covering the new Curriculum for Excellence chemistry qualifications Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Chemistry.

Mrdrcampbell you tube channel

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MrDrCampbell - video resources for Nat 4, Nat 5 and Higher chemistry and advanced Higher Chemistry.

CFE Higher Chemistry - Researching Chemistry 

As well as being familiar with the course content candidates must be familiar with the use(s) of the following types of apparatus: conical flasks, beakers, measuring cylinder, delivery tube, dropper, test tubes/boiling tubes, funnel, filter paper, evaporating basin, pipette with safety filler, burette, volumetric flask, distillation flask, condenser, thermometer and safe heating methods

Labelled sectional diagrams can also be drawn for common chemical apparatus.


The links to the videos below cover some of the practical covered in higher chemistry......

Chromatography of amino acids

Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity

Oxidation of alcohols

Making esters

Hess’s law

Redox titrations

Enthalpy of combustion

Effect of temperature on rate of reaction

Effect of concentration on reaction rate

Standard Solutions


Polar molecules

Essential oils steam distillation

Briggs Raucher - Antioxidants

Fats and oils – saturated and unsaturated

Balancing equations