Chemistry is the study of atoms, elements, the periodic table and how the elements combine to form all the substances around us.



S3 CFE Chemistry (Intro to chemistry or combined science course)
NAT 4/5 Chemistry - five periods per week
CFE Higher Chemistry - six periods per week
Advanced Higher Chemistry




Dr R Campbell (PT)
Mrs M Burns




The most important Homework a learner can do is to regularly spend some time reading over notes to help consolidate the work done in class. In particular, the Learning Outcomes, that are included in each booklet of Notes, provide the learner with the means to check their Understanding.

Learners will also be asked to finish off Notes, attempt revision and consolidation Questions. At appropriate times they should also be using Past Papers (available on this website) to prepare for Tests and Exams.

At times, they will have to undertake Research in their own time and prepare notes for relevant Assessments.

The more responsibility the Learner takes for work done outside the classroom, the more useful and more effective that work is likely to be.

S4/5/6 Nat 5 and Higher Chemistry Support sessions – Need help with Chemistry?


The chemistry department offer free help. Dr Campbell is available at lunchtimes, Monday  1.35pm or Thu 1.35pm in room 48 or Mrs Burns is available on Tuesday 1.35pm in room 52.