Advanced Higher Chemistry


AdvH is suitable for learners who are secure in their learning of Higher Chemistry and can respond to a level of challenge, especially those considering further study or a career in Chemistry and related disciplines.

At the moment, AdvH Chemistry is offered on the basis of 2 periods taught in LHS covering researching chemistry and the project. The theory Units 1 and 2 are taught at Moray College. Learners are expected to commit to a further 4 periods of personal study. (If sufficent numbers choose AdvH Chemistry in may run in school).

Given the need to perform Practical work during some of these periods, it is essential that these periods should be in the Chemistry department at times that allow for a suitable level of supervision.


Course Content

Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry & Instrumental Analysis
Electromagnetic Spectrum & Spectroscopy
Electron Configurations
Chemical Bonding
Transition Metal Chemistry
Strong & Weak Acids / Bases
Reaction Feasilbility
Molecular Orbitals
Formulae & Stereoisomers
Colour in Organic Molecules
Reaction Types & Mechanisms
Systematic Organic Chemistry
Synthesis Pathways
Mass, IR & nmr Spectroscopy
Medicinal Chemistry
Researching Chemistry
Project Report
Practical Skills & Techniques
Volumetric Analysis
Gravimetric Analysis
Stoichiometric Calculations

In this assessment the candidate will carry out an in-depth investigation of a chemistry topic. They will research, plan and carry out a Practical Investigation and will submit a report (2000-3000 words) to SQA which will be marked out of 30 marks.

AdvH Chemistry encourages independent learning and allows learners to make connections between science and the world in which they live, learn and work. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the sciences, learners taking this course along with other science subjects will enhance their skills, knowledge and understanding.