Biology is the study of living organisms (how they reproduce, feed, grow, and their effect on the environment).

Biology Field Trip


Mrs A Paterson (PT)

Mr J Laurie

Modern medicine and treatment of disease wouldn’t be possible without biological sciences. Biology helps us to understand how to keep ourselves as healthy as possible, enjoy nature and appreciate how genetics affects us.

"Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind."       - J. Eugenides.



Learning and Teaching in Biology:

We are Critical Skills classrooms and use a range of learning tools in our lessons to make the learning experience more interactive. These include:


  • practical activities
  • research tasks and class presentations
  • interactive quizzes and DVDs
  • Digital microscope work
  • short films researched and presented by students
  • GLOW chat
  • GLOW meet
  • Biology GLOW groups
  • various websites, including the BBC website and YouTube
  • music and role play
  • show me boards
  • peer- and self-assessment

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