Art and Design

“Art & Design concentrates on developing pupils’ observational drawing skills, creative thinking and expression as well as problem solving through ideas. These skills are embedded within our core teaching of all courses."

Our aim is to help you become more visually aware of the world you see around you- whether it is the natural or man – made world.

• To recognise and appreciate creative and artistic abilities.

• To enhance, inform and enrich creative thinking, artistic talent, and problem solving, through specific and transferable skills.

• To develop an appreciation of aesthetics and culture.

Our vision is to be proactive and enterprising in approach within a rich and supportive environment. To build on our relationships and make links with others.


Pupils in S1 receive 1 period a week where expressive and design work is taught through the visual elements. Pupils also study critical skills using mind maps and writing frames. Pupils evaluate their own work and the work of others.

Pupils in S2 receive the equivalent of 2 periods a week. S2 concentrates on skills development. Pupils in S2 contribute themed work to our yearly Fisheries exhibition in partnership with The Fishermen’s mission charity and H.E dept.

In S3 the course develops both Art and design skills and techniques necessary for progress to National courses. This course covers the theme of identity and portraiture within an expressive unit and mask making within a 3D design unit.

In the senior phase courses offered range from National 4 to Advanced Higher Art and Design and include Higher Photography.

Entry to courses is based on attainment at a level below and/or at the discretion of the teacher.


The department operates an open door policy to pupils in need of advice on the subject.

The department operate a year round study class at lunch time on a Tuesday and Thursday between 1- 1.30pm which is open to all years that require help, advice or access to facilities to complete class work or to do homework.

We also offer more concentrated study time during the months of January, February and March; this is by prior arrangement with staff.

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General Links

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Careers/Further Education

The four Scottish Art Schools: